Elastic Mooring Systems


  • rode array on dockWe stock a dozen standard size Eco-Mooring Rodes, & offer custom fabrication upon request
  • We can build elastic ropes to withstand, up to 110,000 lbs of breaking strength
  • When needed, we can build our Eco-Mooring Rodes with ultra high strength molecular polyethylene "Specta" rope.
  • Our elastic Eco-Mooring Rodes can be treated with anti foulant marine coating for longer life

Independently Tested

certificate 1An independent testing laboratory in Western Massachusetts tested our 1-5/16 inch dia Eco-Mooring Rode. It took 33,170 of strength to break this unit.

Our Eco-Mooring Rodes built with Spectra can withstand a 110,000 lbs. of breaking strength.

Elasticity calculated

certificate 2The strength of the inner elastic cords on the 1-5/16 inch dia. Unit were calculated and documented by Mill Valley Testing.

We can custom fabricate our Eco-Mooring Rodes with a number inner elastic cords for greater resistance when necessary

stretch testingstrength elongation chart

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