Elastic Mooring Systems




Traditionally, single point moorings have provided boaters a means of affordably gaining access to their favorite bodies of water. Providing an affordable conservation style mooring is essential to the proliferation of systems that eliminate the destructive effects of bottom chain systems.

Our Eco-Mooring System is the most affordable conservation mooring system on the market while providing tremendous STRENGTH, Elasticity & Durability.

Professional Familiarity

The components of our Eco-Mooring System, rope, galvanized thimbles, chafe guard, and elastic inner cord(s), are all materials that professional mooring installers have used for many years. Our Eco-Mooring System simply replaces a section of the typical mooring tackle that is standard to the industry. Incorporating our elastic component with standard tackle is more acceptable than transitioning to materials that professional mooring installers aren't familiar with or don't trust.

Security & Safety

The elastic components of our system are encased in a high tensile strength 12 strand rope. This protects the rubber cords from chafe, cutting or unwanted marine growth. Our units offer the highest amount of ultimate strength when extreme water weather events come along.

Functionality still works in shallow areas

Fragile sea grasses and eelgrasses are often found in shallow water. Our patent pending elastic rope system works as well in shallow water as it does at deeper depths. This is a unique characteristic of conservation mooring systems on the market. We've built a system that will float above a fragile marine habitat, while offering solid protection of its inner elastic cords from fouling or slicing.

The economics work, for professional installers & boaters alike

The yearly or bi-yearly inspection of mooring tackle systems is highly recommended and often a mandated practice. Professionals that work in this field have historically inspected and "winterized" moorings to ensure they're structurally sound. Industry professionals have built their businesses and reputations around this scheduled work. Our ECO-Mooring System, is the only conservation system on the market today that adheres to this scheduled maintenance protocol. Keeping professional maintenance companies involved is key to the success of transitioning to conservation type systems.

Ease of engineering;

Historically, the responsibility of choosing the location & length of mooring tackle for each mooring installation has belonged to the professional marine contractors authorized by their local harbormasters. The simplicity of our system allows this responsibility to remain in the hands of those with local professional experience. This is not the case with many of our competitors' products.

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