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First introduced into the marine community in 1992 by Dave Merrill in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, Helix Anchors have been embraced by numerous marine industries. The Helix Anchor and its ability to reduce damage to the fragile marine ecosystem is currently being used by aquaculturists, divers, marina owners, mariners, and scientists, who have begun incorporating its use into many diverse marine projects.

Over the past two decades, the installation methods and equipment used to install Helix Anchors has been continually evolving and improving. Each new change along the evolution of this valuable tool has helped to reduce time and money associated with Helix Anchor installation.

The superior holding power, and the fact that there's virtually no negative impact to the environment, make the Helix Anchor the preferred choice by responsible mariners.

Mooring Installations Around the World

Our team has either installed or trained our certified installers to properly install both helix anchors and the Eco-Mooring System for moorings, floating docks , navigation markers, beach marker buoys systems and more. From the stormy seas of Iceland to the tropical islands of the south pacific helix anchors and Eco-Mooring Rodes are safely securing a lot of marine vessels and marine real estate.

Our team has both planned or assisted in the planning process of anchoring individual vessels, and complete mooring fields. Working with Marine Parks organizations , marine contractors, harbormasters, and engineers we've gained a world wide reputation for our products and services. Our products are safely securing thousands of vessels, and eliminating the damage that traditional mooring systems once caused.

Time-Tested, Long Lasting Equipment

All of the mooring components used in our Eco-Mooring System have been tested by our team in a multitude of uses, environments and conditions to ensure that we only use the absolute best materials available. Since originally engineering the helix anchor installation equipment and methods of installation, we have Consistently sought to improve and perfected both to the benefit of all future installs.

Where the Eco-Mooring Systems are Currently Installed

Along with many individual units being used around the world the following shows some of our recent Eco-Mooring  installations:

  • New London, Conn. 45 units
  • Sunny Isles Fl. 50 units
  • Beverly, Ma. 24 units
  • Manchester Ma. 70 units
  • Nantucket, Ma. 24 units
  • Long Beach, CA 45 units
  • Provincetown, Ma 1 test unit
  • Queensland, Austrilia 3 test units
  • St. Petersburg, Fl 13 units
  • New South Wales 5 test units
  • Falmout , Ma 8 units
  • Kona , HI 1 test unit
  • Hingham, Ma 18 units
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